World’s first 3D-printed steel footbridge unveiled in Amsterdam


Dutch Queen Maxima teamed up with a small robotic Thursday to unveil a steel 3D-printed pedestrian bridge over a canal in the center of Amsterdam’s crimson gentle district.

Maxima pushed a inexperienced button that set the robotic’s arm in movement to chop a ribbon throughout the bridge with a pair of scissors.

The distinctive flowing strains of the 12-meter (40-foot) bridge have been created utilizing a 3D printing approach referred to as wire and arc additive manufacturing that mixes robotics with welding.

Tim Geurtjens, of the corporate MX3D, stated the bridge showcases the chances of the expertise. “If you want to have a really highly decorated bridge or really aesthetic bridge, suddenly it becomes a good option to print it,” he stated. “Because it’s not just about making things cheaper and more efficient for us, it’s about giving architects and designers a new tool — a new very cool tool — in which they can rethink the design of their architecture and their designs.”

The 6-ton construction shall be loaded with sensors that researchers at Imperial College London will use to observe the bridge in actual time and gauge the way it reacts to being utilized by pedestrians.

It will stay in place for 2 years whereas the bridge that beforehand spanned the canal is renovated.

Micha Mos, a councillor at Amsterdam municipality, stated the bridge may assist convey in new vacationers because the the town seeks to wash up a neighbourhood recognized for seedy golf equipment and noisy stag events.

“This may attract a new kind of visitor, one who is more interested in architecture and design, which will help change the way the neighborhood is perceived as more of something you want to visit but visit respectfully than it has been over the few last decades,” he stated.


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