World Heart Rhythm Week: Here’s when you should worry about your heart palpitations


The heart is among the most vital organs within the physique, and it is very important maintain it. Getting it checked once in a while is a step in the best path.

While heart circumstances had been as soon as related to outdated age, these days, they’ve began to have an effect on younger folks as nicely, primarily due to their way of life habits, on a regular basis stress, and many others. Doctors, due to this fact, advise that individuals turn out to be proactive and take mandatory steps to cut back the burden of heart ailments.

On World Heart Rhythm Week (June 7 to June 13), Dr Jitendra Singh Makkar, director cardiology, Eternal Heart Care Centre, Jaipur emphasises on heart palpitations, which make the heart beat too quick, typically skipping a beat and sometimes going unnoticed.

“Most of the time, these are caused by stress, anxiety, over-exercising, or if one has consumed excessive caffeine or alcohol. But these disturbances can also be due to abnormal heartbeats caused by a change in the heart’s electrical system. These can cause the heart to speed up, skip a beat, or slow down with no obvious reason,” he tells

The physician cautions that typically the heart’s electrical system could not work correctly due to a severe heart problems, chemical compounds within the blood, and many others. “These changes in the heart’s electrical system can cause abnormal heart beats or rhythms called arrhythmias. While some arrhythmias may not affect the overall health, some others may turn out to be life-threatening.”

Arrhythmias will be categorised into two sorts:

Tachycardia: More than 100 beats per minute, it occurs when the heart beats too quick. Certain kinds are simply handled, however some will be deadly. Tachycardia will be triggered by a traditional bodily exercise response, however may also point out a medical drawback.

Bradycardia: Less than 60 beats per minute, it occurs when the heart beats too gradual. This situation normally tends to show severe because it can’t pump sufficient oxygen-rich blood to the physique.

Lifestyle modifications

A couple of way of life modifications might help handle the situation — like easing up stress and anxiousness via meditation, yoga, reducing down on alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, or avoiding medicines that act as stimulants comparable to cough/chilly medicines and steroids/dietary dietary supplements, says Dr Makkar.

Most persons are unable to differentiate between a sudden cardiac arrest and a heart assault. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

Detecting arrhythmia

Watch out for these indicators:

– Rapid heartbeat or pounding within the chest
– Fatigue or weak spot
– Dizziness or light-headedness
– Fainting or near-fainting spells
– Shortness of breath
– Chest ache or stress
– In sure circumstances, collapse, and sudden cardiac arrest

Can arrhythmia be deadly?

According to the physician, arrhythmias normally trigger respiratory difficulties, fatigue, tiredness, and breathlessness. In extra extreme circumstances, it will possibly result in fatalities resulting from sudden cardiac arrest.

“Most people are unable to distinguish between a sudden cardiac arrest and a heart attack. A heart attack occurs when the blood vessels that are supplying oxygen to the heart are blocked resulting in chest pain, whereas a sudden cardiac arrest happens when erratic heartbeats stop the heart, leading to sudden death. Those who have experienced heart attacks earlier and have underlying heart failure-related symptoms are more prone to develop fatal arrhythmia.”

Seek medical steerage on the proper time

If any affected person is not sure of the best way to handle the scenario, it’s endorsed they get assist. Getting the situation medically evaluated is vital.

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