Work from home and spondylitis: All you need to know


Owing to the present Covid-19 pandemic, individuals have been compelled to work from home. But whereas the work got here home, the workstation didn’t; forcing many to work on not very ideally suited workstations like couch, couches and even mattress. “These sitting areas lead to bad posture further exacerbating the degenerative changes or wear and tear. You end up slouching, rounding up your shoulders putting your head forward,” stated Dr Sheetal Rane, head-physiotherapy at Bhatia Hospital Mumbai.

Long hours of sitting additionally will increase strain on intervertebral discs. “This eventually leads to undue strain on the tissues which may result in chronic back and neck pain including spondylitis,” she talked about.

Take a break of two to 5 minutes each 60 minutes throughout working hours. (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Spondylosis vs spondylitis

The phrases ‘spondylitis’ and ‘spondylosis’ are generally confused with each other since they sound related and share many signs. However, they’re separate circumstances with necessary variations.

Spondylitis is an inflammatory situation brought on by the immune system performing in opposition to the joints and different tender tissues, whereas spondylosis or spinal osteoarthritis just isn’t inflammatory and is brought on by regular “wear and tear “or as part of ageing process. “Spondylosis is common and becomes increasingly prevalent with age. Wear and tear are a normal and quite common. It usually goes unnoticed as the body’s soft tissue recovery or repair happens simultaneously. However, as the wear and tear outrun the soft tissue recovery process, symptoms start presenting. Previous injuries, bad posture may exacerbate or accelerate these degenerative changes,” stated Dr Rane.


The most typical symptom that an individual presents is ache and stiffness. You can also get muscle spasms and weak spot. The signs varies in accordance to the severity and location of the spondylitis. “In significant measure, it can cause pressure on the surrounding neural structures and cause symptoms like numbness, tingling, pain that radiates down the arm or leg and weakness of the muscles,” Dr Rane shared.


Prepare your workstation

A cushty chair with adjustable peak is preferable. Your ft needs to be flat on the ground and not hanging. The chair ought to have a again relaxation, with a small towel roll or pillow to assist decrease again. The laptop display needs to be positioned at such stage that the higher border of the display needs to be at eye stage and 16 to 30 inches away. Forearms needs to be supported.

Breaks and stretching

Take a break of two to 5 minutes each 60 minutes. Break the place you are in. Walk round. Stand throughout some duties. Do stretching workout routines for arms and legs throughout the breaks.

Improve posture

Consciously make an effort to enhance your posture. Sit tall aligning your ears shoulder and hips in a line. Sit an inch taller continuously.


Movement has many advantages; it relaxes tissues, lubricates joints, prevents stiffness improves circulation, reduces fatigue, and will increase stamina.

Keep match

Physical health will help you keep away from and deal with issues associated to laptop use and lengthy hours of sitting. It improves power endurance and flexibility. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends minimal of 150 minutes of average depth exercise per week for higher cardiac well being. It additionally helps to maintain weight acquire in examine. Some of those workout routines could possibly be within the type of aerobics, Zumba, biking, swimming, skipping and even easy strolling.


It is a should to go to a physician if you expertise fixed ache, numbness, weak spot, and encounter issues that intervene with every day actions, stated Dr Rane. “In acute stages of the pain, rest is beneficial, following which you can start with posture correction exercises and stretching. The physiotherapist will gradually progress your exercises to strengthening,” stated Dr Rane.

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