What If…? trailer: Killmonger as Black Panther, T’Challa as Star-Lord, and other key takeaways


What if main moments within the Marvel Cinematic Universe occurred in a different way? How completely different this universe could be? These alternate situations open every kind of potentialities and as many comic-book followers know, it’s endlessly enjoyable to invest and debate concerning the tantalising ‘what ifs’ and prepare dinner up our personal tales for our favorite characters.

Marvel Studios’ anthology animated sequence What If…? crystallises just a few of these situations. A trailer was unveiled on Thursday. Inspired from the alternate situation storylines of the identical identify in Marvel Comics, it has Jeffrey Wright voicing The Watcher and narrating the sequence. The Watchers are a race of extraterrestrials (and one of many oldest) whose function is to observe over the multiverses. They appeared briefly in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

Here are 5 main takeaways and the issues you will have missed from the trailer:

Tony Stark is saved by Killmonger

Killmonger saves Tony Stark. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

Erik Killmonger saves Tony Stark in an alternate model of the ambush to start with of 2008’s Iron Man and shouldn’t be really captured by the Ten Rings. Killmonger is the king of Wakanda and Black Panther within the What If…? model of historical past, though it doesn’t appear like he has turn into that when he rescues Tony.

T’Challa is Star-Lord — Chadwick Boseman’s final function

T'Challa T’Challa as Star-Lord. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

Chadwick Boseman’s dying final yr despatched a wave of shock internationally. What If…? would be the final time one can witness his efficiency, even when simply his voice. T’Challa shouldn’t be Black Panther and king of Wakanda on this imagined actuality, he grew to become a ravager and later Star-Lord, not Peter Quill. We should see how far the sequence takes this clearly fascinating premise. An earlier teaser for the sequence had proven a younger T’Challa being kidnapped by Yondu and the ravagers.

Captain Carter

Captain Carter Captain Carter with Howard Stark. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

Peggy Carter was injected with the Super Soldier serum in What If…? and not Steve Rogers, and grew to become a superhero. Interestingly Peggy calls herself Captain Carter, and not Captain Britain, regardless that her chest and defend bear the Union Jack image. This may be a sign that we’re going to see a Captain Britain in the principle MCU continuity in close to future.

Marvel Zombies

Tony Stark Tony Stark as a zombie. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

The trailer exhibits the zombie variations of Iron Man and Captain America, a nod to the 2005-2006 storyline from comics written by Robert Kirkman (finest identified for The Walking Dead) and drawn by Sean Phillips. An alternate model of Marvel’s essential continuity, it had superheroes being contaminated with a virus that turned them into flesh-eating monsters. The fascinating factor is, they maintain their intelligence and reminiscences. For occasion, they nonetheless know easy methods to use their powers, which makes them way more harmful than run-of-the-mill zombies. It seems What If…? is permitting MCU followers to go to that universe.

A fleeting glimpse of Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch Is that Scarlet Witch? Photo: Marvel Studios)

Scarlet Witch seems for a shot within the trailer. Is she Wanda Maximoff? What is her significance? We have no idea but. But we anticipate her story within the sequence as nicely as Doctor Strange’s to tie in with Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

What If…? releases on August 11, 2021 on Disney+.


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