What are the best weaning foods for your baby?


If your child is between 6 and 12 months of age, it’s time to begin weaning them off breast milk and introduce them to some strong foods. Children have their very own distinctive nutrient wants and assembly these wants is important for them to develop sturdy and wholesome.

If you are involved about the fundamentals of child weaning and are trying for some cool tips to arrange simple and fast weaning foods for your toddler, Lovneet Batra, a nutritionist, brings a listing of the best weaning foods for your child.

“Getting children to have their vegetables or try new foods is a nightmare for many parents. It is quite a lot of stress,” Batra says.


She tells us of the advantages of some wholesome weaning foods:

Rice water 

Now that your child will begin taking strong meals, you even have to ensure your youngster is properly hydrated all through the day. Rice water is mainly the starch left behind in the water, together with another vitamins, once you boil rice. It offers your child power. Rice is named a low allergen meals, subsequently it is a perfect first strong meals to be fed to infants after they wean from breast milk.

Mashed fruits

Fruits are the best solution to get your child to begin on strong foods. They are filled with all the essential vitamins that your toddler will want. Fruits are candy and are filled with pure sugars so your child will certainly love them. Apples are one in every of the best foods to get your child began with. You can peel an apple, mash it, and feed just a few tablespoons to your child .

Vegetable puree

Vegetables are stuffed with vitamins and are an absolute should in the case of weaning your child off breast milk. From mashed potatoes to carrots- you can also make your child have vegetable puree to keep up a nutritious diet. Try selecting natural veggies versus common ones.

Oats porridge

If you begin giving your child strong foods, you’ll be able to’t go mistaken with oatmeal or oats porridge. It is stuffed with vitamins and is light on your child’s digestive system. You may even combine fruits, greens, and different foods into it so as to add flavour and your child will take pleasure in it.

Boiled greens

You can introduce your youngster to greens like carrots, beans, bottle gourd, and pumpkin. Make positive all these greens are correctly boiled and mashed in order that your youngster can take pleasure in them and eat them higher.

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