WandaVision episode 8 recap: MCU series delivers its best, most emotional episode yet


The eight episode of WandaVision has supplied the viewers with a variety of solutions now we have been in search of for a very long time. There continues to be a denouement remaining, after all, which we’ll see within the ninth and remaining episode. The episode is a shifting meditation on grief and coping with a liked one’s loss. Quite merely, it’s the finest WandaVision episode yet.


It begins with a historical past lesson. In the late seventeenth century, a girl is being dragged someplace by what looks like a coven of witches. It’s a twist on the Marvel lore, the place she was persecuted by the Puritans (and never witches themselves). Yes, it’s Agatha, de-aged, although not wholly convincingly. She pleads together with her sisters and her mom, the chief of the coven to spare her.

They refuse to take action, deeming her too harmful (maybe darker magic practices?), and use their magic on her. She, nonetheless, turns the desk on them, and sucks the life out of all people, together with her mom.

Wanda at a Hydra base. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

Back to the current, Agatha taunts Wanda. She reveals her motive — she needs to understand how she did the Westview factor. Basically, she wish to understand how did she get so highly effective and maybe needs that energy for herself.

For now, Wanda is in Agatha’s management as a consequence of runes within the hidden basement. The witch takes Wanda to her previous. We are proven Wanda and Pietro as children rising up in Sokovia, and the way a lot they take pleasure in American sitcoms with their mother and father.

As a baby, Wanda learns how nothing ever actually goes mistaken in sitcoms, and even when characters fall off a constructing and endure accidents that ought to be deadly, they emerge unscathed. Her love for sitcoms was the rationale the false actuality she in-built Westview was modelled on fashionable sitcoms throughout the a long time.

We see Wanda radicalised by Hydra, alongside together with her brother. Coming into contact with the Mind Stone tremendously improves her latent magical powers.

The time strikes on, and we see Vision comforting Wanda, who’s grieving her brother’s loss of life, within the Avengers compound. They fall in love. We see how Wanda has been handled blows after blows — her mother and father die, then her brother after which her lover. “What is grief, if not love persevering,” says Vision poignantly, as he underlines how vital it’s to grieve and take care of the loss and never avoiding it as Wanda has performed.

wandavision Wanda confronts Agatha, who’s holding her kids hostage. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

Wanda goes to S.W.O.R.D’s headquarters and meets the appearing director Tyler Hayward. As it seems, she didn’t storm the ability and stole Vision’s physique. She did see Vision all dismantled and will get indignant, however realising she can’t really feel him, leaves. Tyler possible anticipated her and needed her to reanimate Vision. As we suspected, Tyler needs to make use of Vision as a weapon.

Wanda goes to Westview, the place she and Vision had deliberate to settle as soon as the Thanos mess was performed. But since Vision died, she breaks down at her dwelling and cries. And powers up. The entire city is changed into a 60s sitcom (callback to the primary episode), with each citizen coming below Wanda’s management in a matter of seconds. So Wanda was certainly behind Westview all alongside.

Agatha, who’s watching all this, lures Wanda to the road. She has Wanda’s twins in her grasp. She says Wanda doesn’t realise how harmful she is. She is utilizing chaos magic, uncontrolled. And that makes Wanda, Agatha says, the Scarlet Witch.

In the mid-credits scene, we see Tyler lastly succeeding to reanimate Vision — like he needed. This one is white and we don’t assume he’s a drive for good.

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