US Election 2020: What happens when the electoral college meets


More than one month after voters solid their ballots in the US presidential election, the electoral college meets on December 14 to solid their ballots. The US structure provides the electors the energy to decide on the president and when all the votes are counted, president-elect Joe Biden is anticipated to have 306 electoral votes, greater than the 270 wanted to elect a president, to 232 votes for President Donald Trump.

Here’s every thing it is advisable learn about the electoral college and what happens subsequent:

What is the electoral college?

The electoral college is a center floor between electing the president by common vote and having US Congress chooses the president. Under the US Constitution, states get a variety of electors equal to their complete variety of seats in Congress: two senators plus nevertheless many members the state has in the House of Representatives. With the exception of Maine and Nebraska, states award all of their electoral college votes to the winner of the common vote of their state.

Why is the idea of the electoral college criticised?

The electoral college has been the topic of criticism for greater than two centuries principally as a result of the one that wins the common vote can nonetheless lose the presidential election. That has occurred twice in the final twenty years — in 2000 with the election of George W Bush and in 2016 when Donald Trump misplaced the common vote to Hillary Clinton by practically three million votes.

Who are the electors and what do they do?

Presidential electors usually are elected officers, political hopefuls or long-time celebration loyalists. The electoral college doesn’t meet in a single place. Instead, every state’s electors and the electors for the District of Columbia meet in a spot chosen by their legislature, normally the state capitol.

Electors solid their votes by paper poll: one poll for president and one for vp. The votes get counted and the electors signal six certificates with the outcomes. Each certificates will get paired with a certificates from the governor detailing the state’s vote totals.

Those six packets then get mailed to numerous folks specified by regulation. The most vital copy, although, will get despatched to the president of the Senate, the present vp. This is the copy that will probably be formally counted later.

Are electors obligated to vote for the candidate who gained of their state?

In 32 states and the District of Columbia, legal guidelines require electors to vote for the popular-vote winner. The US Supreme Court unanimously upheld this association in July. Electors nearly at all times vote for the state winner anyway, as a result of they often are dedicated to their political celebration.

What will occur subsequent?

Once the electoral votes are solid, they’re despatched to Congress, the place each homes will convene on January 6 for a session presided over by vp Mike Pence. The envelopes from every state and the District of Columbia will probably be opened and the votes tallied.

If a minimum of one member of every home objects in writing to some electoral votes, the House and Senate meet individually to debate the difficulty. Both homes should vote to maintain the objection for it to matter, and the Democratic-led House is unlikely to go together with any objections to votes for Biden. Otherwise, the votes get counted as meant by the states.

And then the subsequent step is Inauguration Day.


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