US adds India to list of countries affected by African swine fever


The United States has notified that India has been added to the list of countries which were affected by African swine fever, imposing restrictions on the import of pork and pork merchandise from the nation.

In a federal notification issued on Thursday, the United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) mentioned India has been to the list of areas “we consider to be affected” with African Swine Fever (ASF.)

“We took this action on May 13, 2020 when the disease was confirmed and are now publishing notice in the regulations. Pork and pork products from India, including casings, are subject to APHIS import restrictions designed to mitigate the risk of ASF introduction into the United States,” the Department of Agriculture (USDA) mentioned.

It mentioned on May 9 final yr, the veterinary authorities of India reported to APHIS the prevalence of ASF in that nation.

“Therefore, in response to this outbreak, on May 13, 2020, APHIS added India to the list of regions where ASF exists or is reasonably believed to exist. This notice serves as an official record and public notification of that action,” the USDA mentioned.

ASF is a extremely contagious animal illness of wild and home swine. It can unfold quickly in swine populations with extraordinarily excessive charges of morbidity and mortality.

India’s export of pork and associated objects to the US in 2020 was USD 5,00,000.


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