Triyaka Tadasana to Shavasana: Yoga asanas beneficial for pregnant women


New Delhi: Pregnancy is without doubt one of the most stunning experiences of a girl’s life. It is a time when a girl is overwhelmed with totally different feelings — happiness, pleasure, nervousness — all on the similar time. During this section, a girl can even expertise frequent temper swings, thanks to the hormonal adjustments happening within the physique. Fatigue and discomfort too, grow to be everlasting companions owing to the bodily adjustments occurring.

Yoga gives holistic advantages to anticipating women serving to them to preserve the physique wholesome and thoughts, calm and relaxed. Yoga prepares women for labour and supply in addition to assists them in recovering higher post-delivery. Rajeev Rajesh, Chief Yoga Officer, Jindal Naturecure Institute, shares 5 yoga asanas that may convey a number of advantages to pregnant women.

Triyaka Tadasana

How to do: Stand erect and preserve the ft slightly vast aside. Interlock the fingers, elevate the palms up and switch the palms upward. Take a deep breath. While respiration out, bend from the waist to the best, holding the elbows straight and ft firmly on the bottom. Hold the posture and breathe usually. Feel the stretch on the perimeters. While inhaling, gently come again to the unique place. Repeat on the opposite facet.

Benefits: This asana stretches the waistline and improves the flexibleness of the backbone. It supplies aid in again ache and constipation, a typical drawback throughout being pregnant.


How to do: Standing erect and unfold the legs 3-4 ft aside. Turn the best foot 90 levels outwards and the left foot by 15e inward. While inhaling, elevate the arms sideways in order that they’re parallel to the bottom and consistent with the shoulders. While exhaling, bend the best knee and switch your gaze in direction of the best. Gently push down on the pelvis and preserve this place with regular respiration. Inhale and gently come up and whereas exhaling, bringing the palms to the perimeters. Repeat on the opposite facet.

Benefits: It helps develop steadiness, releases stress from the arms and shoulders and relaxes the thoughts and the physique. It can also be a superb asana to strengthen the decrease again, legs and arms.


How to do: Stand on the knees and preserve them slightly aside. Bend ahead and place the palms under the shoulders and in entrance of the knees on the bottom. While inhaling, elevate the pinnacle up and push the decrease again down. While exhaling, elevate the again up and bend the pinnacle down. Repeat the follow ten occasions.

Benefits: This asana stretches the backbone and makes it versatile. This helps assist extra weight throughout being pregnant. It additionally tones the stomach organs and improves blood circulation.


How to do: Sit straight with the legs stretched ahead. Bend the knees and be a part of the soles of the ft collectively. Interlock the fingers and maintain the ft firmly. Bring the heels shut to your genitals. Breathe in deeply. Keep the elbows on the thighs. While exhaling, gently press the thighs and knees down in direction of the ground after which enable it to transfer up.

Benefits: This asana provides an excellent stretch to the interior thighs and pelvic space. This helps enhance the flexibleness and power of the pelvic and hip area. If practiced usually, it’ll facilitate a easy supply.


How to do: Lie down straight on the again. Keep the legs barely aside and palms barely away from the physique. Turn the palms up. Gently shut the eyes and chill out the physique fully. Keep respiration gently and slowly. Do not enable any ideas to come into your thoughts. Stay on this place for 10 minutes.

Benefits: The asana helps to obtain a deep, meditative state that fosters the restore of tissues and cells, relieving stress. It can also be an excellent follow to cut back blood stress, insomnia and nervousness.

Finally, a phrase of recommendation: It is essential for pregnant women to keep in mind that they need to not take pleasure in asanas that require them to lie flat on the abdomen. Also, inverted and ahead bending asanas should be prevented as they may put stress on the stomach. Always Practice yoga asanas below the supervision of knowledgeable.


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