The spinner’s hand speed is a giveaway: Barry Richards


Do you agree that the artwork of taking part in spin in difficult circumstances is all however gone?

Not solely spin, countering seam additionally. Batsmen lately somewhat concentrate on the IPL/T20 cricket.

You talked about IPL and T20 cricket, however a lot of cricketers nonetheless put Test cricket on a pedestal. From a batsman’s technical viewpoint, what are the downsides of T20 cricket?

See, to begin with, bat is a issue. Modern-day bats have a lot wooden and spring in them that it critically provides to the arrogance issue. You carry the arrogance to swing, understanding that mishits, too, would possibly clear the fielders. T20 batting is about clearing your entrance leg and swinging confidently. And whenever you internalise that, if you end up swinging more durable on the ball, it turns into troublesome to play with comfortable fingers. You are likely to push on the deliveries, which brings about your downfall.

As a batsman, how do you go about your job on a turning pitch?

On seaming pitches, you attempt to decide the seam place from the bowler’s hand, however you need to anticipate the ball to bounce earlier than you play the shot. On turning pitches, selecting the size early is much more vital. You set to work the ball round, which Rohit Sharma did. Sweep is a scoring shot on turning pitches, however you try this solely when the size is proper to play the shot. The drawback with a lot of modern-day batsmen is that they don’t bat for time. They bat for runs. So after they get low-scoring wickets, they’re in bother.

In Ahmedabad, on a turning pitch, straighter ones did the trick – the deliveries that skidded off the floor. Batsmen by and huge tried to play inside the road, undecided about which one will flip and which one will skid.

What I’ve present in a lot of modern-day batsmen is that they have a look at the bowler’s hand however they don’t have a look at it intensely. From a batsman’s viewpoint, detecting the hand speed is vital and regardless of crimson ball or pink ball, a spinner’s hand speed is totally different when he is bowling a sooner, straighter one or giving it a tweak. So watching the hand intensely turns into crucial.

How vital is footwork on a turning pitch?

Massively vital. On a spinning pitch, you need to dictate the size to the bowlers. That provides you with sufficient alternative to attain runs. Without that you’re permitting the bowlers to bowl with none stress. They will dictate the size as a substitute. For you to dictate the bowler’s size, you want good footwork. See how nimble Rohit’s footwork is in opposition to spin. That allowed him to dictate the size.

A bowler like Axar Patel, who is faster by the air and extracts steeper bounce off the floor due to his peak, do you suppose sweep is a good possibility?

Once once more, selecting the size to play the sweep shot is vital. There’s no foolproof strategy to decide the size but it surely is one thing high batsmen do properly. Length will decide whether or not you play a flat-bat sweep or hit the bat on high of the ball and roll the wrists. Riding the size is vital.

On a pitch like Ahmedabad, what would have been your strategy to play spin?

I’d attempt to dictate the (bowler’s) size. Against an off-spinner like (Ravichandran) Ashwin, I’d somewhat take an off stump guard and attempt to play his off-breaks exterior the road of the off stump. On low-scoring wickets, it’s vital to cut back the danger components. When you’re taking part in the ball exterior the road, you take LBW out of the equation.

Also, your again foot recreation turns into vital. By having a good again foot recreation, you’re permitting your self that bit of additional time to regulate to the flip and bounce. At the identical time, in case your method is adequate, you’re in flip forcing the bowler to bowl fuller the place you possibly can have scoring alternatives off over-pitched deliveries. Not simple although, for Ashwin is a implausible bowler.

You performed County cricket in an period when pitches was uncovered. You confronted the likes of Bishan Bedi and Derek Underwood on sticky wickets. How did you counter them on these pitches?

I keep in mind one County championship match that we performed in opposition to Northamptonshire at Southampton. Our second innings goal wasn’t very large, however Northamptonshire had Bishan and the wicket was treacherous. Bishan wasn’t a vicious turner of the cricket ball. He would mesmerise you together with his variations in flight. He was magnificent. I scored 45, however I fee it extra extremely than a lot of my centuries. Once once more, the important thing issue was eliminating the dangers as a lot as potential and being decisive in strategy to place stress again on the bowlers.


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