Tea time fitness: Do you really need a snack with chai?


For a lot of us, tea time is synonymous with not simply our common cuppa but additionally munchies and snacks together with rusks, cookies, and namkeen. However, earlier than reaching out for an additional serving to of calorie-laden snacks, you will need to ask your self if you are really that hungry, or simply need it like that?

Food therapist Dr Ria Banerjee Ankola just lately took to Instagram to share how individuals usually snack unnecessarily even when they don’t seem to be hungry, a widespread subject that results in weight acquire.

“You seriously don’t need a nashta or snack always with your tea and coffee,” she mentioned.

Add on a snack provided that you are hungry. “Otherwise give rest to your digestive system from the unnecessary eating,” she talked about.

How can one steer clear of pointless munching?

According to Dr Ria, one ought to concentrate on consuming their meals proper. “The human body was designed to stay active all day, eat sumptuous meals when hungry, and rest when you are tired. It’s that simple,” she mentioned whereas sharing that she snacks, however “not everyday”.

“I always ask myself if I am actually hungry before I pick up a snack,” she shared.

What ought to you be avoiding?

When you get up within the morning, it’s okay to have 4-5 almonds after which have your tea or espresso simply to keep away from acidity. But even when you are match, you significantly don’t need that processed cookie or rusk with it, she added.

Do you snack fairly often?

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