Sweaty palms, armpits and feet? Count on these Ayurvedic home remedies


Sweating is an important perform that helps the physique calm down. But, any sweating skilled when the physique doesn’t want such cooling down is termed as extreme sweating or palmoplantar hyperhidrosis. This is usually skilled on the palms, soles of the toes and/or armpits.

There could also be a number of causes for a similar. Anxiety, spicy meals, warmth are a few of the triggers. Apart from these, an underlying medical situation like diabetes can be the rationale. Therefore, you will need to search a medical analysis.

Dr Shyam VL, an ayurvedic practitioner talked about how in contrast to sweating from different components of the physique, sweating from palms and soles of the toes is aware of “emotional stimuli than to temperature”. “Therefore, palmoplantar hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating does not occur during sleep,” he stated.

Here are some measures that may assist.

*Wipe palms with a fabric dipped in chilly, concentrated black tea. The tannic acid within the tea has astringent properties that may act as a pure antiperspirant.
*You might additionally soak your palms for 20 minutes in the identical liquid.
*Apply sandalwood paste and/or aloe vera gel on your underarms, palms and soles.
*Avoid sizzling or spicy meals that may worsen the situation.
*Reduce consumption of broccoli, white onion, beef, liver, and turkey.

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