Radhika Madan on leaving TV for films: ‘I was condemned for taking that leap’


Radhika Madan is thrilled to play Didi, a ‘self-styled godmother with powers’ in Netflix’s current anthology on Satyajit Ray’s tales, titled Ray. “Everybody has started to call me Didi. I’m enjoying it,” Radhika stated. The actor is part of director Vasan Bala’s phase Spotlight, additionally starring Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor and Chandan Roy Sanyal.

“What attracted me the most about her was her stature. To have that kind of power that I own the world, was a challenging thing. As an upcoming actor, I haven’t experience any of such emotions yet. So, to be that woman for those 2-3 days of shoot was really empowering,” Radhika advised indianexpress.com.

Radhika’s Didi comes towards the tip of the quick to assist Harsh Varrdhan’s Vik regain his misplaced confidence. In the method, she additionally reveals her journey from a weak woman at an orphanage to buying the picture of a godmother, to flee the male gaze and as a substitute use it to her personal profit.

Though her Didi did remind us of Radhe Maa, Radhika revealed that her affect ended there. “I wanted to play her as Radhe Maa, copy her mannerisms, but Vasan sir refused. She was my inspiration to the extent of understanding her world. I did watch her videos, but Didi’s journey is different. I had to create my own body language because she was from UP, and I’ve never been there. It’s actually a story of self-belief and self-empowerment,” she shared.

Radhika, whose monologue uncovers a bigger theme round misogyny within the society, reunited with Vasan Bala after Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota (2019). She stated she didn’t even learn the script. “I will say yes to whatever he brings to me. I love him. He’s a magician, and believes in me so much.”

Speaking on teaming up with Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor for the primary time, she shared, “He’s knowledgeable and a cinephile, not that clichéd Bollywood hero which you’ll expect him to be because of the tag attached to him. He’s paving his own path and he’s amazing in what he’s doing.”

Her upcoming Netflix anthology collection of six quick movies, Feels Like Ishq, was a very good change for her from the roles she’s performed earlier than. “I’ve always played characters which are layered and emotionally reckoning. Here, you’ll be seeing me in a fun vibe for the first time. It’s an easy-breezy fun comedy, and was a nice break for me,” Radhika shared, who’s solid reverse Amol Parashar within the quick titled Save The Da(y)te.

The actor has been a part of half a dozen initiatives, ever since making a shift from tv to movies with Pataakha in 2018. She stated tries to maintain all her characters totally different. “It’ll just become cerebral if I’ll be choosing projects to fit the the bill and focus on my positioning and all. I don’t want to get sucked into that game and put myself in a box.”

But with so many platforms coming in, would the swap be simpler for her at this time? “When I was transitioning, web series were just starting out. The only thing available was films and television, and I was condemned by my peers for taking that leap. My show was doing really well on television and I was being offered a lot of money. But I consciously made that decision to go into films. Yes, it was difficult as there weren’t as many opportunities that time,” Radhika shared.

She additional revealed an occasion from her TV present set when she determined to maneuver to movies. “I was discussing about my character that why she shouldn’t be reacting in a certain way. My director was pacing up and down, looking at his watch. He got irritated and told me that the day we make films, we’ll discuss a scene for three days, but not right now. That incident stuck with me so much, I just thought to myself, will I get the luxury of discussing a scene for three days? That was my only motivation. That day I decided I want to get into films, even if it meant starting from the beginning.”

Radhika, nevertheless, agrees that TV has given her quite a bit, and made her emotionally stronger. According to her, “TV prepares you for the worse. You shoot for 48 hours non-stop. If a film shoot gets extended, they apologise to you and you feel surprised. Plus, on TV, you get to perform so many emotions in a span of one year. Even if there is a monologue, you don’t get thrown off easily.”

One of Radhika’s most particular movies stays Angrezi Medium, the place she performed late Irrfan Khan’s onscreen daughter. Looking again on the recollections, she stated there have been quite a lot of silent teachings from the ace actor. “We didn’t speak to each other a lot but he taught me so many things about the craft and life,  just by his actions, the way he was on set and the way he approached a scene. I was a nobody but the respect he gave me, I’m going to keep this for my entire life, and always going to treat people around me in the same manner, because he gave me that experience,” Radhika stated on an emotional notice.

She concluded by telling us about her upcoming “hardcore romantic film” Shiddat. “You’ll see me as a proper heroine. It’s a really different flavour and I’m really excited,” she signed off.


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