Pink ball has given a new dimension to the game: Ashwin


Pink-ball cricket produces quick cricket and a lot of issues connected to the ball are completely different in contrast to its pink counterpart, Ravichandran Ashwin opined on Saturday. From steadiness to revolutions, the pink-ball was behaving otherwise at Motera, a purpose why some deliveries turned huge, whereas the different skidded via.

“Even before I started the game, in the nets, I used to be a little sceptical. When I bowled, the balance of the ball was a lot different to the red ball. When you try to put too much revs, it wasn’t rotating as much at the seam as I thought the red ball was rotating. If at all, it fell on the seam, it was spinning quite big at that time. It wasn’t responding the way the red ball was responding. Whatever was happening was happening really quicker off the surface. If we played a red-ball game on the same surface, the pace of the game must have been a touch slower. These are all the things I’m talking about in hindsight,” Ashwin stated.

Unpredictability as regards to the diploma of flip, or the ball going straight via, created confusion amongst the batsmen. As Virat Kohli stated at the post-match presentation, 21 out of 30 wickets went down to straight deliveries. And as Ashwin talked about, Ahmedabad’s low-scoring Test wasn’t a case in isolation in pink-ball day-night matches.

“If you give a little little bit of favour stacked in the direction of the bowlers, that is what would possibly occur. When there may be a little little bit of benefit to the bowlers, the place it swings extra or seams extra, the margin of error for the batter is so little. Instead of the ball beating the bat, or getting a thick edge, it will get a high-quality edge and goes to the ‘keeper. These are the things we’ve observed. It occurred even at Eden Gardens in opposition to Bangladesh.

“It could very well be spoken about that we played really well and won the game but that has been the nature of pink-ball Tests. Even in New Zealand, when England were all out for 69 (58 actually), we got all out in Australia for 36. When you look at the larger history of Test cricket, you might say these are one-off occasions. But these are a regular affair.”

Asked if the Indian gamers are apprehensive about enjoying pink-ball Tests in the future, Ashwin stated: “There’s no apprehension. If there was apprehension, we would have expressed. The pink ball has got (given) a new dimension to the game, so it’s about adapting. You play more and more and get used to it, the players are going to adapt better.”


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