Nutritionist busts protein myths; shares healthy ‘protein pizza’ recipe


There is lots of confusion relating to together with protein in a single’s weight loss plan — from how a lot to have in a day to its supply. To assist you to with the identical, nutritionist Pooja Makhija lately took to Instagram to bust a few of these myths associated to protein consumption.

The nutritionist demystified the truth that 73 per cent of Indians are poor in protein and greater than 90 per cent are unaware of its every day requirement.

What are proteins?

Proteins comprise a bit of amino acid residues and differ from each other by way of their amino acid sequencing. They are made up of biomolecules and macromolecules, and are vital constructing blocks of bones, muscle mass, and ligaments. They assist the physique recuperate from scars by therapeutic the restore tissues, and are a significant compound that carries oxygen all through the physique.

The nutritionist added that almost all of moms (main meal planners and suppliers) are muddled with so many myths concerning proteins.

– 72% imagine proteins are tough to digest. And thus have to be averted at night time fully.
– 79% imagine that protein is pricey to acquire.
– And worse 85% really feel that protein results in weight achieve and is vital just for bodybuilders.

What is the actual fact?

*Proteins are essential macronutrients and are vital in any respect phases however particularly in development phases for kids.

After highlighting the well being advantages of protein, Pooja shared a healthy different for making ready everybody’s favorite pizza. Her ‘Protein Pizza’ recipe is wealthy in protein and accelerates digestion.


Overnight soaked inexperienced moong dal
Pizza sauce
Baking soda


* Reduce the soaked moong dal to a effective paste. Let it cool
* Add salt and baking soda to the paste
* Now, unfold the paste on a pan and toss either side till absolutely cooked.
* After the moong dal base is cooked, unfold pizza sauce and add toppings of your alternative.
* Add the mushroom, bell pepper, cheese and olives on high of the bottom.

What is greatest is that the dish packs a protein consumption of 15 grams. We completely suggest it!

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