Nick Jonas sings of an undying, holy love in new music video, This Is Heaven. Watch


Nick Jonas on Thursday debuted his newest single from newly launched album Spaceman, known as “This Is Heaven.” The music video begins off the place the “Spaceman” track ended. Nick writes onto the typewriter the previous few scenes of “Spaceman” earlier than launching into “This Is Heaven.”

The track, mentioned to be one of Nick’s private favourites from the album, is peppy and has good lyrics which proceed the vibe of the “Spaceman” thematically. Like “Spaceman” the track, “This Is Heaven” is about love, however right here too, Nick is remoted as he sings of an timeless bond together with his beloved.

What is uncommon is that regardless of all the emotions of togetherness the observe evokes, Nick continues to be alone and type of stranded in the video as he wades by means of forests and roams about in his room reminiscing, singing of how his love is a hymn, a prayer to the heavens.

“This song means so much to me. And this album…it is kind of the centrepoint of the thing that propels us into commitment. And honestly, just one of my favourites. I know you are not supposed to pick a favourite, it’s like picking your favourite kid. The whole idea behind ‘This Is Heaven’ was continuing the ‘Spaceman’ theme, but giving it a different environment. And it kind of talks about what happens when you happen to escape in whatever way that is right for you. For some people it is a good book, video games, a nice meal at the end of the day. This is about that ‘escapism’ feeling,” Nick had mentioned of the track forward of its launch in an Instagram video.

Another blissful information for these don’t know is that the Spaceman album additionally contains a single from the Jonas Brothers known as “Selfish.”


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