Netflix’s next fan event is named ‘TUDUM’ after its signature sound

has announced its first-ever global fan event, (say it out loud, it’s fun). It’s named after the sound that plays alongside the Netflix logo whenever you start watching something on the service. The company says TUDUM will be a three-hour event full of news, trailers and exclusive clips from more than 70 series, movies and specials, with appearances from some of Netflix’s biggest stars.

The goal of TUDUM is “to entertain and honor Netflix fans from across the globe” and surely create some buzz around many of these shows and movies. Among the projects that Netflix will showcase are , , , , , , , and (a blockbuster starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds). is also on the docket, so perhaps Netflix will show the first trailer from the upcoming series during the event.

TUDUM starts at noon ET on September 25th. It will stream live on Netflix’s various YouTube channels as well as on Twitch and Twitter. There are pre-shows before the main showcase as well, starting at 8am ET. Those will center around anime and a selection of shows and films from South Korea and India. Netflix says Facebook, Twitch and YouTube users can the event — in other words, rebroadcast TUDUM on their own channels in real-time and react to it live.

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