‘Never questioned scientists’: Akhilesh Yadav clarifies his ‘BJP vaccine’ remark


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‘Never questioned scientists’: Akhilesh Yadav clarifies his ‘BJP vaccine’ remark

Days after Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav termed the anti-coronavirus vaccine to be rolled out within the nation a “vaccine of the BJP”, he clarified that he didn’t query the scientists, researchers, or specialists. The ruling BJP had accused Yadav of “insulting” medical doctors and scientists of the nation, whereas NC vice-president Omar Abdullah mentioned vaccines “don’t belong to any political party, but humanity”.

“I or the Samajwadi party never questioned the experts, researchers or scientists. If there are suspicion or some doubts, it is government’s responsibility to clarify,” Yadav mentioned as a part of his clarification. 

“We want to know when the poor will get the vaccine? I would like to ask BJP that how long will it take them to give vaccine to the poor and whether it be free or not,” he additional mentioned. 

During a press convention on Saturday, Akhilesh had mentioned: “How can I trust the vaccine, which will be used for vaccination by the BJP? We cannot get vaccinated by the BJP’s vaccine.”

Later in a tweet in Hindi, Yadav mentioned, “We have full faith in the efficiency of scientists but do not trust the unscientific thinking of the BJP and the medical arrangements of the BJP government administering vaccines which had been lying almost inactive during the corona times.”

“We will not take the political vaccine of the BJP. The SP government will provide free vaccines,” he asserted later too in his tweet.

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