Lucky to work with Madhavan during this phase of his career: Maara director Dhilip Kumar


Director Dhilip Kumar had his reservations when he was roped in to write the script for Maara, the Tamil remake of Malayalam hit Charlie. “I belong to the tribe that is cynical about remakes,” Dhilip advised

He added that even when one is just not a fan of remakes, there’s nonetheless a way of pleasure once they get to do it. “So now, you have to do one, what would you do (differently)? What all would you retain? And then it becomes the journey of its own,” he mentioned. And so, he began to carve his personal journey for Maara.

Luckily for him, neither Madhavan nor producers Prateek Chakravorty and Shruti Nallappa have been followers of remakes. They needed him to break Charlie to its naked bones, decide a thread from its core and construct on it. They have been aiming for an adaptation, not a remake.

“For Madhavan, it is not the first adaptation. He has done a beautiful adaptation before called Anbe Sivam. It is (based on) Planes, Trains and Automobiles. He was also looking at an adaptation rather than a remake. That kind of gave us a direction,” Dhilip Kumar added.

Dhilip recalled the attractive vibe that he skilled whereas watching Charlie and was very conscious about not making an attempt to recreate the identical with Maara. “When we changed the plot, the movie had a different mood. And so, we did not need to recreate the same vibe,” he mentioned. While Charlie is a slice-of-life film, Dhilip calls Maara a musical romance movie.

Dhilip additionally thanks his stars for having had the chance to work with Madhavan. He shared, “Since I came in as a writer, there was a lot of understanding between Madhavan and me. We weren’t discussing his acting style or my treatment of the film. When we were writing, we were speaking like writers.”

“Later, when I also took up the directing job, it just felt an extension of the same discussion. He was just out of Rocketry, which is his debut as a director. So he shared a lot of insight while writing this film. I am very lucky that I could work with him during this phase of his career. There was a lot to learn from him,” Dhilip Kumar recalled.

Maara additionally stars Shraddha Srinath and Sshivada Moulee. The movie will begin streaming on Amazon Prime Video from January 8.


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