LG QNED TVs will refine premium LCD TVs in 2021: Here’s how


LG will be utilizing Mini LED know-how for its premium LCD 8K and 4K TVs to be launched in 2021. The Mini LED know-how permits LG to take a “giant leap forward in LCD TV picture quality,” mentioned the corporate in an announcement.

The new LG “QNED” LCD TVs will be top-end premium merchandise. However, LG insists that its OLED know-how will nonetheless be on the highest in phrases of greatest image replica. LG at present leads the market in OLED TVs, even making high-end OLED panels for different manufacturers. The new Mini-LED powered LCD shows (to not be confused with Micro LEDs, a separate know-how) work in the same approach to conventional LCD panels, however use many extra, smaller-sized LEDs in the panel.

How Mini LED-based LCD know-how works

Modern LCD TVs have to date made use of full-array native dimming, the place LEDs are used as backlights for the screens, which might be then dimmed in zones to signify darker scenes. The new Mini LED know-how, nonetheless, makes use of a bigger variety of smaller LEDs to acquire a higher distinction than the standard LCD TVs that make use of some hundred ‘dimming zones’

In LG’s upcoming shows, the corporate plans to make use of about 30,000 tiny LEDs. These will enable unbelievable peak brightness and a distinction ratio of 1,000,000:1. These Mini LEDs will be grouped in not a whole bunch, however as much as 2,500 dimming zones. This outcomes in higher distinction, extra dynamic HDR and higher color accuracy since much more lights and zones at the moment are in play.

These show panels will additionally assist refresh charges of as much as 120Hz, like LG’s present flagship TVs. Ahead of the launch of those panels in 2021, It stays to be seen how costly the brand new Mini LED-based TVs will be.

LG will be exhibiting off the brand new QNED TVs on the digital CES 2021 occasion subsequent month.


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