KJ Yesudas turns 81: KS Chithra, MG Sreekumar and others pay tribute to ‘Gaanagandharvan’


On KJ Yesudas’ 81st birthday, 28 singers, together with KS Chithra, MG Sreekumar, Sujata Mohan, Srinivas, Venugopal, Biju Narayanan, Unni Menon and Krishnachandran amongst others, paid tribute to the legendary musician with a track titled “Gandharva Gaayaka”.

The track consists by Shweta Mohan and penned by BK Harinarayanan. It was launched in the present day on Shweta’s YouTube channel. She additionally wrote a small be aware within the description of the video.

It learn, “This is a song made, on behalf of all fans, for one of the greatest singers that out country has seen. This tribute to our Gaana Gandharvan was born out of the love and respect that each one of us has for ‘Dasettan’. This is not ‘my’ song. This is a song made, on behalf of all fans, for one of the greatest singers that our country has seen. I thank Harinarayanan Chettan for beautifully transcribing into words what we feel in our hearts for Dasamama. I thank Rajhesh Vaidhya Anna and each of the 27 other singers for whole-heartedly lending their magical touch to the song.🙏 Their gesture shows the respect each of them carries for their ‘manaseeka guru’. I also thank Saurabh Joshi and Hayagreev for being my left and right hand in the making of this project … you guys are fantastic to work with. I hope all of you like my first attempt at creating a song.”

Shankar Mahadevan launched “Gandharva Gaayaka” on Twitter on Sunday morning. Sharing the video, the singer-composer wrote, “Heartiest congratulations my dear Shweta ! What an amazing way to celebrate Das Anna’s birthday ! A beautiful composition sung by 28 singers!”

The “Gandharva Gaayaka” video was additionally shared on Twitter by actor Mohanlal and filmmaker Priyadarshan.


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