Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction as it happened: People glimpse ‘Christmas Star’ across the world


A graphic illustration of how the two planets will look like one heavenly physique.

Winter Solstice Jupiter-Saturn nice conjunction: People across India and the remainder of the world witnessed a uncommon celestial phenomenon, the nice conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. The celestial occasion made Jupiter and Saturn seem as one brilliant star in the night time sky. The occasion is seen to the bare eye as properly, although these with a telescope would have loved a greater view.

This is the first time in over 400 years that the two appeared so shut to one another, although common conjunctions happen each 20 years. This is the closest these two planets have been recorded since 1623. That Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn came about greater than a decade after the telescope was invented. Before 1623, the Great Conjunction came about in 1226.

The “great conjunction” is popularly referred to as the “Christmas Star.” On December 21, nearly all the viewers across the world have been in a position to see the two gasoline giants very shut to one another, whereas they have been nonetheless lots of of thousands and thousands of miles aside in area.

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Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction Live Updates: Great Conjunction is seen in India now

A conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is known as an incredible conjunction. The two planets shall be about 0.1 levels or 06’06” (six minutes and 6 seconds) arc from one another. For comparability, the angle between the two sides of the moon is 0.5 levels. This is the second closest conjunction of the two giants since the invention of the telescope in 1609. On 16 July, 1623, the two planets have been 5’10” from one another.

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