Jasprit Bumrah has mastered the art Pakistanis used to have once: Shoaib Akhtar


Jasprit Bumrah is the “smartest fast bowler” in up to date cricket who has learnt the art of deceiving rival batsmen in air, one thing that was the secret of success for Pakistani greats, mentioned Shoaib Akhtar.

One of the quickest bowlers to have ever performed the sport, Akhtar is enamoured by Bumrah’s skill-sets and his capability to outwit a batsman in a mere “five seconds” from an ungainly run-up which isn’t precisely a critic’s delight.

“He (Bumrah) is probably India’s first fast bowler, who checks the wind speed and wind direction rather than how much grass has been left on the track. This thing used to be the art of Pakistanis, we used to know how you could play with the wind,” Akhtar mentioned on YouTube channel “Sports Today”.

He then cited instance of how the two Ws and him used to learn the wind speeds throughout their heydays.

“We used to actually (do that), me, Wasim bhai and Waqar bhai, we used to note the wind speed and direction, look the wind is blowing from that corridor, okay I might get reverse from that end,” he mentioned.

“We knew mechanics and aero dynamics of fast bowling, how much swing and at what time of the day. This is my assumption that Bumrah knows these sort of things which I hardly think other fast bowlers know these sort of things,” Akhtar added.

For Akhtar, put up Mohammed Asif and Muhammed Aamir, Bumrah is the “smartest operator” when it comes to intelligence.

With his seven-step run-up, Bumrah terrorises the batsman in a matter of 5 seconds.

“In Bumrah’s world, in these 5 seconds, he solely visualises the batsman and thinks about his art of taking wickets.

“He is a great character. He will be the most unusual but great fast bowler if fitness permits. If his back remains okay, he will play for a long time.”

Akhtar loves the method during which Bumrah has proved individuals improper.

“He has proved people wrong time and again. The more people were critical of his ungainly action, he just told them, look boss this is what I can do with this action.”

Bumrah’s best asset is his capability to alter size in a small hall and deceive the batsman first in air after which off the pitch.

“He sets up subtle traps. The 2×2 length corridor where he bowls, if you ask him to pitch 60 balls at same place, he can do that day in and day out.”

The use of crease can be one in every of his simpler weapons.

“When he comes over the wicket, he uses the crease well. He also comes close to the stumps, if need be goes wider, he plays with variations, so the length will increase or decrease as per need but it won’t be outside the corridor,” he mentioned.

“He can bowl those away swinger to left-handers which will swing back in the air as the batsman will commit to an incoming delivery. Then after pitching, it will become and away going delivery,” defined Akhtar.

“He is that accurate fast bowler that if you get him out of sleep, he will pitch the bowler there only. He knows art of taking wickets.”


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