James Brayshaw mistakes fellow commentator Sunil Gavaskar for Sachin Tendulkar


A slip of the tongue landed commentator James Brayshaw in bother when he launched Sunil Gavaskar as Sachin Tendulkar throughout a channel’s commentary for the third Test between Australia and India.

Brayshaw was within the internet hosting chair for Channel 7, nearing the tip of the Indian innings, when he launched fellow commentators Gavaskar and Damien Fleming. Brayshaw welcomed Gavaskar to the present however known as him Sachin Tendulkar.

Gavaskar took the dialog in his stride. Here is part of the alternate:

Brayshaw: “Sachin Tendulkar, welcome, and also Damien Fleming.”

Fleming: “Sachin Tendulkar’s in the commentary box?”

Brayshaw: “We had been simply speaking …

Fleming: “[This is] the great man, the little master.”

Brayshaw: “My apologies Sunil, we were just talking about him a second ago.”

Gavaskar: “I am flattered, I am flattered to be called Sachin Tendulkar.”

Brayshaw: “We were just talking about him a second ago.”

Fleming added: “We share a birthday Sachin, the 24th of April”, to which Gavaskar quipped “not the same year though”.

Brayshaw: “Suni, we can share with the audience why we were talking about Sachin Tendulkar,” Brayshaw stated. “I asked you, I said ‘Is he the most loved Indian cricketer of all time?’ There have been a few, yourself included.”

Gavaskar: “I think so. I think amongst the cricket followers, if you look at Dhoni, Kapil Dev, Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar they are all loved by millions and millions of not just Indians, but other nationalities as well. I would imagine in India it would be perhaps Sachin Tendulkar.”

While Gavaskar is a well known cricketer and now commentator in India, Tendulkar is without doubt one of the hottest cricketers recognised within the recreation of cricket. Former Indian skipper Gavaskar was the primary man to attain 10,000 Test runs in addition to essentially the most Test centuries — each information which are actually held by Tendulkar.


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