Hernia Awareness Month: Some common questions answered


Hernia could be described as a protrusion of 1’s fatty tissue and even an organ through the stomach wall in a single’s groin space.

“One may encounter the problem of hernia owing to a congenital defect as the muscle experiences acute or repetitive stress and even pressure. This pressure pushes organs and surrounding tissue through the defect, creating the bulge that is related to a hernia,” mentioned Dr Rajan Modi, minimal entry surgeon and laparoscopy surgeon, House of Doctors.

This Hernia Awareness Month, noticed yearly in June, Dr Modi solutions among the continuously requested questions.

Which is probably the most common sort of hernia?

One can endure from an inguinal hernia that’s often known as a groin hernia. It could be current by delivery or one might encounter it in later life.

Inguinal hernia is most common in males.(Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Do solely males get hernias?

Mostly, hernias are seen in males. But, even ladies get it. Those ladies with weakened stomach muscle tissue owing to childbirth can endure from a hernia downside.

What occurs if hernia is left untreated?

“A hernia does nothing more than getting bigger if not treated. Nevertheless, it can cause extreme pain and strangulate without showing any signs or symptoms leading to fatal consequences at times. Thus, a laparoscopic hernia treatment will not only put an end to the problem but also offer minimised hernia recovery time,” Dr Modi mentioned.

What is a strangulated hernia?

A strangulated hernia is a severe medical situation prompted on account of fatty tissues that push by means of a weakened space on the stomach muscle. These fatty tissues pressure the encircling muscle to clamp down across the tissue, leading to a cut-off blood provide to the small gut. If not consulted very quickly, it may be a danger to life.

Are there any preventive measures for hernia?

In order to maintain hernia at bay, one has to keep up optimum physique weight. Try to train each day and keep cell all through the day. Avoid constipation by consuming a food plan consisting of excessive fibre to manage your bowel actions. “Do not smoke as it can again lead to constipation. Lifting heavy objects is a strict no-no. In case of persistent cough, consult your doctor on an immediate basis,” mentioned Dr Modi.

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