Four things to keep in mind before you purchase an an air purifier


With the rise in air pollution ranges, air purifiers have change into a necessity as we speak. Amid all the development work, the foul air emanating from automobiles and factories, together with the aerosol transmission of coronavirus, an air purifier helps us to breathe simple. If you are considering shopping for one, Anshul Ok Sharma — the vice chairman of analysis & improvement, Log 9 Materials — suggests you keep 4 vital elements in mind.

The greatest manner to decide the efficacy of an air purifier is thru the period of time it takes to purify the air. (Representational picture)


“Air purifiers also help with allergies, smoke removal, and chemical fume removal in factories, along with the removal of odour and pet hair, which can induce allergy,” says Sharma. Such elements may help decide the form of air purifier you want with particular filters appropriate to your utilization. 

Size of the room

Bigger the area, larger would be the air purifier. “The best way to judge the efficacy of an air purifier is by measuring the time it takes to purify air,” he provides.

“ACH rate of the air purifier should be considered. It refers to the number of times an air purifier can filter the entire volume of air in the space every hour.” 

Features and design 

Make positive your purifier has HEPA filters. They assist take away sure allergens like mud and pollen, and pet hair. The identical, nevertheless, received’t assist with the removing of fumes, scent, dangerous gases, micro organism or viruses. “In this case, carbon filters prove effective. Additionally, the presence of UV technology in an air purifier would prove effective in inactivating microbes and viruses such as COVID-19,” Sharma explains. 

The design holds equal significance as a result of some air purifiers have 360-degree air projection vents, whereas some others have fan-like constructions to give out purified air in the room. This is what determines how far it may well go in cleansing the air. 


“The HEPA and carbon filters need to be replaced once or twice every year depending on usage and placement. UV lamps used in air purifiers have a working life of around 9,000 – 11,000 hours,” says Sharma.

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