Focus on preconception counselling for a smooth pregnancy, suggest doctors


Many {couples} face points when making an attempt to have a child. Which is why doctors suggest them to decide for preconception counselling as a part of which the couple’s household historical past, threat components, medical situations, and life-style are mentioned. Counselling will make it possible for a lady has a secure, wholesome, and comfortable being pregnant nicely earlier than a constructive outcome on a being pregnant check, stated specialists.

When does preconception counselling start?

Preconception counselling begins three months earlier than planning the being pregnant. “Now, patients are coming for preconception advice and that is a good change in the society. When a couple comes for the same, the preparation for a woman is divided between mental, physical, and medical parameters. Mental preparation helps in striking a balance between finances/career, and age factor. The ideal age of having a baby is between 22-29 years when the reproduction capacity is at its peak. After 30, the fertility declines but that doesn’t mean one cannot get pregnant. You may conceive easily, but sometimes you may need medical assistance. Psychological factor involves improving bonding with your partner and building a support system during and after delivery. Physical factors involve lifestyle changes and exercise. Medical factor involves taking a detailed family history of diseases and genetic disorders,” stated Dr Madhuri Burande Laha, advisor obstetrician and gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospital, Pune.

Even counselling relating to vitamin and environmental and occupational hazards, immunity and immunisation standing and bodily examination is completed. “All women should be tested for HIV and screened for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) before planning pregnancy,” stated Dr Karishma Dafle, gynaecologist, Nova IVF Fertility, Pune.

Preconception counselling intends to optimise a lady’s well being earlier than being pregnant. (Source: File Photo/Getty Images/Thinkstock)

When it involves males, preconception counselling includes self-preparation to embrace adjustments like supporting your spouse emotionally and even in family chores. “Lifestyle modifications like quitting smoking as smoking itself may decrease quality and quantity of sperms. Also, passive smoking is not good for pregnant woman. Working in hot environments reduces the quality of sperms and causes infertility. A couple should start the pregnancy journey on a positive note,” added Dr Laha.

Why is preconception counselling required?

Preconception counselling intends to optimise a lady’s well being earlier than being pregnant. Pre-existing situations affecting conception in being pregnant are recognized and addressed. “Simple measures like taking folic acid supplements prior to conception can help in reducing the chances of birth defects in children. Managing diabetes mellitus, asthma, seizures, thyroid disorders, and hypertension can reduce the foetal effects by achieving strict metabolic control before conception and continue throughout pregnancy. Patients are counselled regarding benefits of exercising, reducing the weight before pregnancy if obese, and increasing the weight if underweight, and also to avoid pregnancy within a month of receiving a live attenuated vaccine,” stated Dr Dafle.

Vaccination is obtainable to girls discovered to be in danger for or prone to rubella, varicella and Hepatitis B previous to planning being pregnant.

What parameters ought to {couples} comply with?

“Monitor vitamin D levels and manage haemoglobin by taking iron supplements. Women should eat a diet rich in fibre and low in fats, drink enough water and maintain an optimum weight. Have proper sleep. Cut down on stress, alcohol, smoking, and other forms of tobacco. Exercise daily. Follow intimate hygiene practices apart from getting screened for STDs. Take required vaccines as per doctor’s suggestion,”, stated Dr Laha.

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