Covid 19: Patients diagnosed with black fungus opt for leech therapy; all you need to know


The variety of black fungus or mucormycosis instances in each lively and recovered Covid sufferers has been alarming. In reality, in May this yr, the centre requested states to notify black fungus as an epidemic.

Meanwhile, some recovered sufferers diagnosed with black fungus have opted for leech remedy, an Ayurvedic therapy, after making an attempt typical strategies for remedy.

Does it actually work?

Leech remedy for mucormycosis

An Ayurvedic observe, leech remedy is a blood purification course of that’s useful in letting poisonous blood out of the physique. Medicinal leeches suck impure blood and launch enzymes supportive in rising immunity.

Dr Aswathy Pathiyath, Ayurveda marketing consultant, Fazlani Natures Nest, tells, “Mucormycosis or black fungus is mainly affecting coronavirus patients with comorbid conditions like diabetes. It is classified into five types depending on the part affected. Among them, Disseminated Mucormycosis in the later phase and Cutaneous mucormycosis can be correlated to Dustavrana (non-healing ulcer) and Kusta (skin disease), Visarpa (erysipelas) respectively.”

“In this, leech therapy is one among the best methods of treatment. This again depends on the ‘prakruthi’ of the person and the extent of the symptoms,” the skilled provides.

He additional says, “Along with other Ayurveda treatment principles of mucormycosis, depending upon the area affected, leech therapy may be administered. However, the main line of treatment will be Kledohara chikista and Premehahara (treatment of diabetes and diabetic wounds and skin issues), Agnivardhaka (modalities to improve metabolism and digestion), Krimihara, Ojovardhaka (treatment of infections) and Rasayana chikitsa (rejuvenation and immunoboosting therapies).”

Dr Yash Javeri, essential care, Anesthesia and Emergency Medicine, Regency Superspecialty Hospital, Lucknow, nevertheless, says, “Though the therapy might be useful for few medical conditions, there is no medical literature or evidence to support the use of leech therapy in mucormycosis. We need to select therapies very carefully.”

Dr Amitabh Malik, ENT surgeon, Paras Healthcare, agrees that Ayurveda therapy for mucormycosis lacks scientific proof. “There is only one therapy that has been proven worldwide which is working on such patients is to surgically remove all the disease tissue and then give them amphotericin B liposomal and other anti-fungal drugs. People can have faith in anything but so far there has been no scientific evidence for this leech therapy,” he says.

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