Covid-19 and immunity: When is an antibody test required?


With folks studying new issues about well being and immunity within the pandemic, there is additionally novelty within the questions requested to docs. Mostly, there is curiosity within the vaccine and what it does, and if an individual who has made restoration from Covid an infection nonetheless wants the jab.

Doctors verify that whereas antibodies are current within the system, there is a must get the vaccine doses nonetheless, for higher safety.

But, what are antibodies, and how will an individual know if they’ve them nonetheless? Will a fast test verify their presence and indemnify an individual?

Dr Chandrashekhar T, chief intensivist, Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi explains that antibodies — additionally known as ‘immunoglobulins’ — are “protective proteins produced by a person’s immune system” in response to antigens, that are primarily international substances discovered throughout a viral an infection.

“An antibody test measures the presence of antibodies in the blood. The major clinical utility of antibody tests is to assess the people exposed to the virus in the recent past and developed a potential immunity against SARS-CoV-2 infection,” he tells

Dr Chandrashekhar, nonetheless, cautions that antibody testing is not routinely really helpful. “It is only recommended for patients who are on long-term steroids, methotrexate, are HIV-positive, have end-stage renal disease, have chronic liver disease, and more.”

He provides that not all these sufferers would mount an sufficient immune response to the vaccination. The antibody test, due to this fact, is completed to see the variety of antibodies in sufferers “who are at a higher risk”. In wholesome folks, naturally, antibody checks will not be wanted and not really helpful.


These checks are additionally not cost-effective, says the physician. “Their availability is a concern at this stage. We also do not have the amount of vaccination to give an additional third dose to the people with low antibodies. Even after the vaccination, taking all the necessary precautions and being careful will be beneficial,” he concludes.

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