Could Lata Mangeshkar teach geography? Here’s PM Modi’s mantra on approaching difficult subjects


In his annual ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ tackle to college students and academics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday mentioned profitable individuals are not proficient in each topic however their grip on a single topic is great.

Giving the instance of Bharat Ratna awardee Lata Mangeshkar, PM Modi mentioned, “People who are very successful in life, they are not proficient in every subject. But their grip on a single subject is tremendous. Like Lata Mangeshkar, if someone asks her to teach geography to a class, she may or may not be able to do so. But in music, she is a master — she has devoted her life and is renowned world-over for her craft.”

The PM, who was addressing the scholars by video conferencing, was replying to a trainer’s query on the right way to make kids method comparatively difficult subjects.

“If you have two hours to study, then study each subject in the same manner. If it is a matter of studies then take the hard thing first, if your mind is fresh, then try to take the hard thing first. If you solve the difficult, then the simple will become even easier,” the PM mentioned.

Giving his private instance, PM Modi mentioned, “When I was the chief minister of Gujarat, I did a lot of reading. One has to learn a lot. Things have to be understood. So what I used to do is that the difficult things that happen, I start in the morning and I like to start with difficult things.”

“Even if you find some topics difficult, this is not a drawback in your life. Just keep in mind that do not shy away from studying difficult subjects,” he added.


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