Bigg Boss 14 January 16 episode LIVE UPDATES



Bigg (*16*) viewers additionally witnessed an unlucky exit from the home. Due to medical causes, Vikas Gupta was requested to exit the home.

“Keeping in mind his health, Vikas Gupta was sent out of the show on medical grounds. While most contestants who exit this way are given a chance to come back, the same cannot be said about him. Firstly, the quarantine system is quite strict given the pandemic, and also Vikas has already received two chances. It would thus be unfair on other contestants, but the makers have still not decided on his comeback,” a supply advised

In an interview with, Jasmin Bhasin opened up on her relationship with Aly. She stated, “It’s not like one fine day we woke up thinking we were in love. It has always been there but we never accepted it. We always had a mutual understanding to not complicate things between us or risk our friendship. However, when we were apart, emotions overpowered all logic. We decided to stop living in denial and accept our feelings. And now it’s just beautiful.”

When requested if marriage is on the playing cards, Bhasin stated, “It will happen but it’s a very big decision. Once Aly is out, we’ll sit and discuss things. We will also have to get our families together, and then go ahead with whatever is best for us.”


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