Anil Kapoor says he ‘almost killed’ Rahul Bose during Dil Dhadakne Do, the actor reacts


Veteran actor Anil Kapoor, in a brand new video, has recalled taking pictures an important scene in Zoya Akhtar’s 2015 dramedy Dil Dhadakne Do, the place he virtually ended up “strangling” Rahul Bose. Zoya Akhtar’s manufacturing home Tiger Baby Films runs a YouTube collection Off the Record the place artistes talk about their experiences of filming explicit sequences from the movies made below the banner.

The newest video starred Anil Kapoor, who walked down the reminiscence lane and candidly spoke about the making of his “favourite” scene from Dil Dhadakne Do. The scene additionally options Rahul Bose, Priyanka Chopra, Shefali Shah, Ranveer Singh and Zarina Wahab. It focuses on the troubled marriage between Ayesha (Priyanka) and Manav (Rahul) and the way the respective households react to their battle.

Anil Kapoor mentioned he was enthusiastic about the scene since the starting of the shoot for it wanted him to be intense and fiery, however when the day lastly got here, issues went a bit out of hand as the actor’s emotional instincts acquired higher of him. “I am supposed to pin down Rahul and I was like, ‘Now, this shot will come and I will pin him down and I will speak these two lines: Tera haath ukhadke rakh dunga’ And then obviously, me being me, I was in the shot and Action.”

“Suddenly, I don’t know what happened. The wire came and I almost strangled Rahul and almost killed him. Everybody was like, ‘AK, what’s happening? This is shooting.’ And I was so worried. My reputation is anyway bad and this was just an accident. I don’t know why the wire came in my hand! I obviously became conscious after that and I thought I wouldn’t be able to perform the scene.”

Despite nothing going in accordance with his plans, Anil Kapoor mentioned, the director acquired her shot. After the actor posted this video on Twitter, Rahul Bose quoted him, joking, that had the veteran certainly “killed” him, the viewers would have rejoiced.

“Mr K! The only thing you killed was the scene. You killed it, handsome handsome. Had you killed me instead, cinegoers would have rejoiced in the streets! All the best @AnilKapoor!” Rahul tweeted.


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