Alcohol drinking linked to over 62,000 new cancer cases in India last year: Lancet study


Alcohol consumption was related to 62,100 or 5 per cent of newly recognized cancer cases last 12 months in India, in accordance to a study printed in The Lancet Oncology journal which reveals alcohol use is on the rise in the nation.

Globally, the researchers discovered that greater than 740,000 or 4 per cent of new cancer cases in 2020 could also be attributed to alcohol drinking.

The study estimates that males accounted for 77 per cent (568,700 cases) of alcohol-associated cancer cases, in contrast with ladies, who accounted for 23 per cent of cases (172,600).

Cancers of the oesophagus, liver, and breast accounted for the biggest variety of cases.

Based on knowledge from earlier years, it reveals that in 2020, there have been greater than 6.3 million cases of mouth, pharynx, voice field (larynx), oesophageal, colon, rectum, liver, and breast cancer.

These cancers have well-established causal hyperlinks to alcohol consumption, and the estimates of the direct associations with alcohol in the new study are the primary of their variety for 2020.

“Trends suggest that although there is a decrease in alcohol consumption per person in many European countries, alcohol use is on the rise in Asian countries such as China and India, and in sub-Saharan Africa,” stated Harriet Rumgay of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), France.

“In addition, there is evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased rates of drinking in some countries,” Rumgay stated.

The researchers name for larger public consciousness of the hyperlink between alcohol and cancers and elevated authorities interventions to cut back its consumption in worst-affected areas.

The study highlights the contribution of even comparatively low ranges of drinking to charges of cancer, which is regarding, but additionally means that small adjustments to public drinking behaviour may positively impression future cancer charges.

Alcohol consumption has been proven to trigger DNA injury by elevated manufacturing of dangerous chemical compounds in the physique, and have an effect on hormone manufacturing, which may contribute to cancer growth, in accordance to the researchers.

Alcohol may also worsen the cancer-causing results of different substances, resembling tobacco, they stated.

In the new study, researchers established ranges of alcohol consumption per individual per nation for 2010, to enable for the time it takes for alcohol consumption to have an effect on attainable cancer growth.

Cancers of the oesophagus, liver, and breast accounted for the biggest variety of cases. (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

They then mixed them with new cancer cases in 2020 to estimate the variety of alcohol-associated cancers in every nation.

Moderate drinking was classed as consumption of up to two alcoholic drinks, dangerous drinking as between two and 6 alcoholic drinks per day, and heavy drinking as greater than six alcoholic drinks per day.

Globally, an estimated 4 per cent (741,300) of all new cases of cancer in 2020 have been related to alcohol consumption, the researchers stated.

The study discovered that dangerous drinking and heavy drinking led to the biggest proportion of cancer cases at 39 per cent (291,800 cases) and 47 per cent (346,400 cases) respectively.

However, reasonable drinking was additionally discovered to be problematic, with estimates that this stage of drinking accounted for 14 per cent (103,100 cases) of the whole of alcohol-caused cases.

Eastern Asia and Central and Eastern Europe areas had the best proportions of cancer cases that may very well be related to alcohol at 6 per cent, with the bottom proportions discovered in Northern Africa and Western Asia, each under 1 per cent.

At a rustic stage, the proportions of cancer cases related to alcohol have been estimated to be highest in Mongolia (10 per cent) and lowest in Kuwait (estimated at 0 per cent).

India had an estimated 5 per cent (62,100) of cancer cases linked to alcohol, whereas China 6 per cent (282,300), Germany 4 per cent (21,500 cases) and France had 5 per cent (20,000 cases).

The UK had an estimated 4 per cent of cancer cases linked to alcohol (16,800), with the US at 3 per cent (52,700), and Brazil at 4 per cent (20,500 cases).

“We urgently need to raise awareness about the link between alcohol consumption and cancer risk among policy makers and the general public,” stated Rumgay.

The researchers famous that public well being methods, resembling lowered alcohol availability, labelling alcohol merchandise with a well being warning, and advertising and marketing bans may cut back charges of alcohol-driven cancer.

Tax and pricing insurance policies which have led to decreased alcohol consumption in Europe, together with elevated excise taxes and minimal unit pricing, may be carried out in different world areas, they added.


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