Akshaye Khanna on his films, sabbaticals, career and more: ‘Who wants to sit at home? I love to be on set’


Akshaye Khanna is undoubtedly one of the vital nuanced, refined actor we now have at the moment. He can also be somebody who doesn’t drive himself onto his characters, however turns into one with each character he portrays on-screen. The man who gave us Dil Chahta Hai’s Sid — the last word brooder, the one with a excessive emotional quotient, turns 46 at the moment.

On the event of Akshaye’s birthday, we revisit one of many earlier interviews we did with the actor which tells the story of the his ingenuity and a pure panache for performing.

On bringing somewhat little bit of himself in his characters

Akshaye, who initially needed to play Aakash in Dil Chahta Hai, ended up taking part in Siddharth within the movie, an individual who was not the everyday on-screen man-child (which we now have typically seen in our motion pictures), however somebody who was emotional, mature and reserved.

It has been twenty years since Dil Chahta Hai launched, however the movie is spoken about with heat even at the moment. About taking part in such an impactful function in such a enjoyable movie like Dil Chahta Hai, and part of his character spilling in Sid, Akshaye had mentioned, “I don’t analyse my work as such, but I love to hear when people talk about my work. You bring a little bit of yourself to every character you do, there is no way of escaping that. It is my personal opinion, I could be very wrong. It is but natural, it is your body, your mind, your face attached to the character.”

On not sticking to one style

Akshaye has by no means caught to one style, the truth is, in accordance to him, the actor’s solely job is to redefine themselves on-screen. He has performed each character with equal conviction, be it the shallow Shiven from Salaam-e-Ishq or the police officer Dev Verma, of Ittefaq.

The actor maintains, “Genre is immaterial, the audience has a preference, an actor shouldn’t. Some of the best writers and directors have given me such fantastic roles, they have not limited me, so why should I.”

On being away from movies

In his career spanning twenty-four years, and two lengthy breaks, Akshaye has at all times been choosy about his roles. The actor mentioned, “Who doesn’t want to be associated with the best writing, best talent, best director there possibly can ever be? That’s the whole journey, that’s the only important thing — work with the best.”

After 2012, Akshaye went on a four-year-long sabbatical, after which, everyone thought that that is the top of Khanna’s career. On bouncing again, the actor had expressed how traumatic the break was for him.

He had mentioned, “I don’t want to think about those years when I have taken breaks. Those were not pleasant times in my life, I am not a person who likes to sit at home, I love to work. But, there will be times, testing times, times when you’re not getting the work that you want to be part of, so (you have to) sit at home. Who wants to sit at home? I have been working since the time I was nineteen years old, I don’t know anything else. I love to be on set. Love.”

On being with no career plan

But Akshaye nonetheless doesn’t have a plan, he by no means had one, he by no means strategised his career strikes and simply needed to be part of good motion pictures. About his future plans not being ever chalked out, the actor had mentioned, “No plans. Just go with the flow. That’s the plan.”

Akshaye Khanna was final seen in Section 375 in 2019. Here’s wishing the gifted artiste a really completely satisfied birthday.


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