Ahead of Bigg Boss Kannada 8, Sudeep reveals he wanted to quit the show after season 6


Kannada famous person Sudeep mirrored on his journey as the host of Bigg Boss Kannada throughout a media occasion on Thursday in Bengaluru. He has been the face of the widespread actuality TV show since its inception in 2013. As the eighth season is about to start, he recalled the time when he had doubts about the success of this show.

“I had a lot of doubt during the first season. I was worried about how people will receive this show. This doubt was all-encompassing. Will it suit our culture? Will it suit us? And our doubts came true,” Sudeep famous. “The show then went to someplace else and for some time, nobody wanted to get involved with it.”

ETV Kannada hosted season one of Bigg Boss Kannada. The second season in 2014, nonetheless, was proven on Asianet Suvarna, earlier than the show went again to its father or mother channel, ETV Kannada, which was by then re-branded as Colors Kannada.

“I still remember, Parameshwar Gundkal of Colors met me at a hotel in Koramangala. And I knew that he was going to talk about the show. I think we finished that meeting in less than five minutes. And we entered a five-year contract. That’s when I felt secure that at least this show will take place for the next five years. And if people hadn’t liked it, the show wouldn’t have come this far,” stated Sudeep.

When Sudeep was knowledgeable that numerologically, the quantity 8 represents steadiness, he rapidly responded, “I have always maintained my balance since the first season. If I lose my balance on stage, it will lead to chaos.”

Sudeep is aware of that he can’t afford to have an outburst like contestants on digicam. “The fact that your awareness about all the cameras around you automatically keeps your anger in check. My reaction (when he gets angry), will always be, I will come back, take a small break. It is not like I don’t get angry. But, I try to think for 10 seconds, why did he or she speak like that? What was the situation? And I think I will have an answer to it,” he stated.

He additionally had suggested on the artwork of getting offended. “See, you should never get angry when people provoke you intending to make you angry. It is a waste (of energy) because that’s what they want. ”

Sudeep additionally noticed that he can also be conscious that he is the solely window of the contestants to the outdoors world. And he can empathize with them once they type of speak harshly with him. “The fact is I’m their only vent. So when they are talking to me, they are bound to open up without any restrictions. Because they only have me for that. There are chances that they might say a thing or two wrong in the heat of the moment. The first time that happens you should tell them that was not okay. And I think they will be fine (after that),” Sudeep stated in a well-balanced response.

He additionally recalled the solely time he misplaced cool on the show, when ‘Huccha’ Venkat assaulted singer Ravi Mooruru throughout season 3. “It was only because it happened right in front of me when I was on stage. That was not okay.”

Sudeep, additionally revealed that he felt he had sufficient of it after the sixth season and wanted to quit the show. “I even told Parameshwar to start looking for my replacement,” he famous.

When requested what about the sixth season that ticked him off, he stated, “Watch that season from start to end, and you won’t feel like asking me this question. I am not saying all the contestants of season six were bad or I am not looking down on them. One element is just enough to spoil this atmosphere. I think in that particular season, there were some good contestants but also some of them were unfortunate choices. Perhaps, they may have performed well in some other seasons. But, it stressed me out,” he recalled.

Sudeep additionally stated that he was glad that Parameshwar Gundkal persuaded him to come again for season 7. (*6*) stated Parameshwar, Cluster Business Head of Colors Kannada and the director of Bigg Boss Kannada.

Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 shall be launched at a grand opening occasion on Sunday.


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