Adding these vitamins, supplements to your daily routine can help reduce anxiety


It is a identified incontrovertible fact that whenever you really feel good mentally, you can overcome all of the difficulties. 

Be it psychological well being or bodily well-being, our well being is our best asset. Yet we take it without any consideration as a result of it has the good skill to adapt and are available to the rescue once we want it to. 

While stress and anxiety can improve efficiency within the brief time period, it has detrimental results if it persists longer. “As most of us are victims of stress due to some reason or the other, it is important to understand what methods can be adopted to help cope or manage the issues related to mental health,” says Vaibhav Garg, medical and sports activities nutritionist and founder, Purecise.

Check out the supplements he suggests to help you address the varied stressors.


“A powerful Indian herb with potent adaptogenic qualities, it is great for those facing stress issues resulting from emotional, as well as physical issues,” says the nutritionist. 

He additionally shared that the athlete group additionally makes use of this to help reduce the stress-induced by intense train and helps in a big drop in cortisol — the stress hormone post-consumption.

Omega 3

Maintaining mind well being is vital to make sure you can course of your ideas in probably the most environment friendly method potential. One of the substances that promote a wholesome nervous system is omega 3 fatty acids.

“Owing to the fact that the brain comprises almost 80 per cent fat, this ingredient has proven to not only promote brain health, but studies have also shown to reduce symptoms associated with disorders like Alzheimer’s. Adding this to your daily routine can definitely help reduce inflammation on a physical level and enhance the blood supply and nutrition required for your brain,” explains Garg. 

B complicated nutritional vitamins

The nutritionist mentions, “This set of 8 vitamins have been proven to help improve symptoms of stress such as mood and energy levels by lowering the homocysteine levels in the blood.” This ends in lesser work-induced stress signs when this complement is consumed recurrently.


Commonly referred to as inexperienced tea extract, this has been used for its skill to promote leisure with out inflicting any sedative-like results. “Numerous studies have denoted that people consuming green tea that is rich in L-Theanine have experienced reduced anxiety symptoms and improvements in memory and attention. Supplementing with L-Theanine has successfully helped in lowering cortisol levels much like ashwagandha” provides Garg.

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