Abhinav Kohli dismisses wife Shweta Tiwari’s claim of not contributing a penny for son Reyaansh, attacks her


Shweta Tiwari’s estranged husband Abhinav Kohli has responded to her accusations that he has not contributed a penny for their son Reyaansh’s upbringing, forcing her to fend for their household. He has claimed that Shweta ‘abandoned’ their son to take part in Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, which is being filmed in Cape Town, South Africa. The couple separated a few years in the past over claims of home abuse and have shared an acrimonious relationship since.
He stated that he’s taking care of his son financially, in contrast to what Shweta claimed in an interview. “When I was doing a show with Arjun Bijlani with whom you are in Cape Town, there were two other Balaji shows I did, and more recently, I transferred 40 per cent online from my account to yours and now you are saying that you are spending everything for the kids alone. Tum pehle hi bahut gir gayi thi aur grti hi ja rahi ho,” he stated in an Instagram video.

Soon after Shweta left for South Africa, Abhinav put out a video on Instagram, through which he stated he’s wanting for Reyaansh in metropolis inns the place he’s alone. He went on so as to add that his wife didn’t reveal the kid’s location to him, forcing him to go to the police who refused to file his criticism, asking him to get in contact with youngster companies as an alternative.

He stated within the video, “I’ve had enough. I have suffered due to her lies and wrong-doings. Shweta has said in an interview she had informed me that our kid is fine and with her family. Enough of lying, Shweta. If you had called me, then show me your call record because I have all of them. When you had messaged me for consent, I had replied that the kid would stay with me. People are dying due to Covid-19 and third wave is dangerous for kids. But you have left everything at this time to earn money. Is there any shortage of money? Even if you wanted to leave, why didn’t you leave the kid with me? I took care of him last time when he was infected with Covid-19. Now you have accepted that the kid is at a different location, but your PR and trolls lied to me that you have not left the kids at a hotel. Please tell them the truth. When I am his natural guardian, why are they with nani and his sister? Where is the kid? You have detained the kid at an undisclosed location. Mind you, law is slow, but not a joke. You can’t take it for a ride. You can’t keep lying, Shweta.”

Shweta had stated in an interview that she had knowledgeable Abhinav over a cellphone name that she was leaving and their son is secure with her household. “My mother, my relatives, and Palak are there to take care of him. Plus, I will always be on video calls with Reyansh in between my shoot. I had informed Abhinav Kohli everything and I was surprised yet again to see the video he posted,” she had stated.

Abhinav claimed that he visited 10 inns to go looking for his son. “Had you informed me, why would I run from hotel to hotel? Why would I call child helpline? Why am I registering an FIR right now against you for neglect under the Juvenile Justice Act Section 75 and 82? You have abandoned the child and gone away and not even let him be with me,” he stated including she has blocked him on cellphone.

Abhinav added, “It might take time. Tuesday might be my hearing at High Court. But I will get a date. I will make sure that my child will never in the future suffer. All the cases are pending against you. You forged my signature. Your PR has spread such lies against me. You have lost it this time. I will fight and you can only win against me by killing me.”


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